JMAN’s Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Program

Our commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth

At JMAN Group, we share a common set of values and a vision to drive positive environmental and social impact both inside our company and across our network. Our ESG approach is grounded in our core values. We are committed to building a sustainable business that will grow, provide employment and generate economic benefits in an environmentally responsible manner across all the geographies we operate in.

“Our values at JMAN are central to our culture. We know that our business is at its best when our employees are working for a company that they feel reflects the way they see the world and the issues that are important to them. We can then collectively lead by example and encourage our clients to prioritize the sustainability agenda too.”​
Anush Newman
"With more than half of our JMAN team based in Chennai, we have witnessed first-hand the impacts of rising sea levels, severe flooding and droughts. We know that to set ourselves up for the future we want, we need to make the correct choices here and now. As an organization specializing in data and strategy, we're confident in our ability to make the right decisions - for us and for our clients, for now and the future."
Michael Leovalan

Our ESG Goals

We have aligned our ESG goals to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, selecting goals that are most appropriate for our industry and scale and where we feel we can make the most impact.

Environmental Impact

We are dedicated to continually improving our operations to benefit the health of our planet and consistently select sustainable solutions where available. We have committed to the following goals:

Climate Action

Continuously improving measurement and reduction of our emissions

Responsible consumption and production

Prioritizing recycling, minimizing print waste and eliminating single-use plastic across all our offices

Sustainable cities and communities

Encouraging green commuting with our cycle-to-work initiative and supporting a hybrid work policy

Sourcing ethical products and services

Using suppliers, contractors and partners who champion sustainability and focuses on carbon neutrality

Social Impact

At JMAN we recognize that it is our people who are the driving force behind our success. We are committed to fostering an environment that supports and enables everyone to thrive in all areas of their lives, celebrating diversity and championing inclusion.

Governance Impact

Robust corporate governance is essential to JMAN’s success and provides a foundation for strong relationships with our employees, clients and partners which is built on trust and transparency.

Corporate Governance

Our governance principles are set out in our Staff Handbook providing a basic understanding of the high ethical standards for our global team. Our Supplier Handbook clarifies the expectations for our providers.

Data Protection

We hold data protection in high regard, respecting privacy and safeguarding personal information in adherence to our Data Protection Policy.

ISO Certification Applications

We have attained ISO 27001 certification, setting the international standard for information security management systems and processes. Currently, we are working towards achieving ISO 14001 certification to enhance and certify our environmental management system and processes.

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