Due Diligence

JMAN can help provide solutions to your hypotheses before and during a transaction.

We partner with our clients to instill confidence throughout an investment transaction. We use supporting first- and third-party data to test commercial hypotheses, extracting detailed insight on a target and uncovering areas of opportunity. Additionally, we assess whether a target’s underlying data asset can support delivery of your VCP, providing a suggested roadmap for implementation to realize value in the first 100 days up until exit.

What We Do

Our Due Diligence solution offers both data-led commercial due diligence and data diligence to support your investment hypotheses both before and during a transaction, surfacing insight within days on both historic commercial performance and the current data landscape​

Buy Side

Data Due Diligence

Data-led Hypothesis Testing – Test business health and analyze the market/competitors to uncover areas of opportunity within days
  • Gain an accurate and trustworthy picture of historic business health
  • Uncover blind spots within the market and competitive space that will impact your investment decisions
Data, Tech & AI Due Diligence – Understand target readiness for value creation strategy from either a data, tech or AI lens
  • Understand more about the target's performance through greater clarity of the data shared during the transaction
  • Understand how much investment is required to fully harness the data critical to your value creation plan

Sell Side

Mid-Hold Due Diligence

Assess your portfolio company's ability to prove a data-backed growth story and make recommendations for improvement to assets to maximize value creation and EV.
  • An understanding of historic commercial and business performance within the context of the VCP hypotheses
  • A suggested development plan, approach and timelines for harnessing existing team capability and plugging gaps

Visit the Prep for Exit page to learn more about our diligence-related offerings during the exit period

What We Deliver

JMAN can help you achieve greater confidence in your company’s performance during the critical diligence period.

Data assets are critical to a company’s ability to execute its value creation plan but often overlooked during due diligence. Effective due diligence of a company’s data systems, processes and people is critical to understanding its ability to use data to create value (e.g., tailored pricing recommendations, personalized marketing), investments in data systems post transaction and the ability to deploy artificial intelligence (AI).​

Advanced analytical techniques and alternative data sources (e.g., web scraping) can be used to test, quantify and prove value creation hypotheses. High-level analysis and value judgments can be replaced with detailed facts (e.g., create geographic model of potential expansion locations, identify a company’s market position using exhaustive web scraping of competitor products and prices)​.

Companies can now create and make available during transactions unprecedented volumes of transaction-level data. Traditional analytical tools (e.g., Excel) are not capable of dealing effectively with the volume of data shared. Leveraging data science techniques and programs (e.g., Python, SQL) can accelerate the pace of due diligence and the quality of the insights.

Why Choose Us?

Our diligence process is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We see the best results when we work with our partners to design an approach around their investment thesis, focusing on the most important questions to assess business health and feasibility of delivering the value creation plan. Moreover, our experience in delivering commercial tools in the value creation phase of the lifecycle means we are well poised to tie in our expertise to inform, and support on delivery of, a prioritized roadmap for the target, tailored to where you expect the most value.

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