Prep for Exit

We can help you maximize your exit multiples through robust commercial data.

JMAN partners with our clients by using data to defend higher commercial valuations, de-risk transactions and identify opportunities for further growth. We take messy data from different sources in your organization and turn it into clean, trusted data to tell the story of your business’s growth. When you shape your exit strategy with an investor and sell-side bank, you can instill confidence thanks to the granularity of the commercial data now available.

What We Do

As more granular data assets are increasingly expected at exit, our partnerships with funds and portfolio companies focus on demonstrating to bidders that de-risking the transaction has been undertaken, giving greater confidence to drive commercial value.​

Data Cube

Typically cloud-based infrastructure, hosts transaction-level data and other relevant operational data
  • Single source of truth for all (or almost all)
  • Foundation on which reporting suite can be built
  • Cuts from database can quickly and easily be shared with bidders

Reporting Suite

Collection of dashboard with filters allowing potential bidders to easily "cut" data to suit their needs
  • Dashboards designed to support equity story and address expected investor due diligence questions
  • Allows bidders to easily cut data without needing to build own dashboards on top of raw data

Data Due Diligence

Report evaluating company's ability to collect and use data and analytics to support commercial objectives
  • Support "data-driven" and "one company" equity stories
  • Demonstrate data assets are capable of supporting VCP
  • Generative AI readiness assessment

What We Deliver

If you want your company to demonstrate that it is a progressive data and technology-orientated business, JMAN can help shape that narrative and provide a third-party perspective on your growth story

Access to data of unprecedented depth and breadth can be used by the “sell-side” to demonstrate the predictability and quality of revenue streams, organic versus inorganic growth rates and other themes central to a company’s equity story​.

Investors can use detailed data to get more confident in their investment theses and potentially pay more. What would previously have been qualitative statements from management can now be proven with data.​

Best-in-class data platform ensures data quality is no longer a potential barrier to launching a transaction. A company can go to market quickly at any time.​

Sell-side bankers can now focus on running the transaction instead of worrying about data preparation and quality.​

Data cube provides clear single source of truth for all sell-side materials (e.g., IM, Forecast Model, Management Q&A responses)​.

Data Platform is built directly into company source systems creating a long-term tool for management. This provides management with a permanent, highly scalable, best-in-class data platform and reporting suite to use to manage the business​.

Best-in-class platform enables faster reporting, enhanced decision making, and builds foundations for advanced analytics and future value creation​.

Our Partnership Model

By working with JMAN, business founders do not have to dedicate team members to pull together data that may be disputed and fall apart under pressure; instead, management are able to demonstrate themselves as a team who use data to manage the business, prioritize initiatives, and track KPIs which align to enterprise value. From a pure operational management perspective, JMAN’s embedded approach makes life easier both before and after sale.

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