Core Reporting

JMAN can help you develop best-in-class reporting and processes to deliver automated commercial, financial and operational insights.

JMAN partners with our clients to track company performance and quantify value creation levers in an automated way from source systems. We provide a consolidated view of company performance to surface foundational insights and support decision-making.

What We Do

Our Core Reporting solution focuses on consolidating commercial, financial and operational data to gain an accurate view of historical and future business performance. Our partnerships with funds and portfolio companies focus on monitoring the levers of EV by designing and building scalable data models to support current and future use cases.

Board Reporting

Redesign and automate board reporting to enable effective tracking and governance of company performance

Management Visibility

Enabling C-suite to deep dive into metrics and insights relevant to them and take action off the back of that

Operational Tools

Insights at an operational level that enable specific teams to take action and drive value

What We Deliver

JMAN’s approach enables faster reporting, enhanced decision making and builds foundations for advanced analytics and future value creation.

Data platform connects directly to company source systems enabling the automatic and seamless refresh of data. Use of Tableau/Power BI allows for highly tailored reports targeted at specific management and operational audiences.

Management and operational access to tailored reports allows data-driven decision making across the business. Executives can clearly identify and quantify value levers to target. Managers and the operational teams then act on data, not instinct, to execute.

Modular approach makes it easy to combine data from multiple entities across different industries and geographies. Approach allows source systems and analytical tools to be easily added (e.g., post M&A) and capacity expanded as the company grows.

Data platform enables company to collect and store the large volumes of high quality, structured data required for the deployment of advanced analytics, Machine Learning (ML) and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

Automated data flows significantly reduce the finance function’s workload. Time-consuming manual processes, with material risk of errors no longer required. The finance team can focus on higher-value activities and promote the data-driven value creation agenda.

Why Choose Us?

Our partnerships typically start as a specific use case, but as we build value for your company the relationship grows and expands. After we uncover value and gain board buy-in, we typically move on to designing a scalable data platform that can house the logic and insights in an ongoing and automated way. We place a lot of emphasis on ensuring that data resonates from the board through operational levels and that reports are being utilized by the business to drive commercial growth.

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