Value Creation

We can help you accelerate and institutionalize value from commercial data​.

JMAN partners with our clients to identify and prioritize key commercial opportunities for accelerating growth and increasing profitability. We then develop and build Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and GenAI execution tools to enable our clients to achieve commercial value. The tools we build are typically embedded into the company's source and sales systems creating a permanent asset for the business, ensuring we drive value in both the immediate and long term.

What We Do

As the expectation for value creation initiatives increases throughout the investment lifecycle, our partnerships with portfolio companies focus on accelerating your VCP. We have expertise across a range of value creation activities.


Build ML models to identify customers at risk by designing and embedding initiatives to reduce the risk of customer and product churn

Cross Sell

Define and implement new pricing approaches by building data systems (including ML models) to enable successful execution and tracking

Pricing Strategy & Execution

Drive profitable growth by developing winning pricing strategies by providing state-of-the-art analytics and reporting tools for effective pricing execution

Lead Scoring and Generation

Use company and alternative data to identify leads and calculate the probability of converting a lead to estimate lifetime value of customers

Demand Forecasting

Estimate demand for specific SKUs to optimize production and/or stocking decisions and maximize profitability

Gen AI Tools

Build and deploy GenAI and Software products (e.g., Chatbots, Knowledge Management Tools, personalized marketing)

What We Deliver

JMAN builds Data and AI tools to accelerate business growth and improve profitability.

Data and AI tools allow facts not “gut feel” to drive decision making. Tools clearly and quickly surface insights and priority actions. Priority actions can then be automated, further enhancing efficiency (e.g., Churn tools can send tailored marketing to customers identified by AI model as at risk of not re-subscribing).​

Advanced Analytics and ML/AI can surface information and insights that are not otherwise accessible. Fully leveraging the power of your company data is essential to maximizing potential and short- and long-term profitability.​

Data and AI Tools are typically built into company source systems and fully productionized. This means they are not “one-off” pieces of analysis but able to drive improved performance long into the future.​
Managers and team members both see the same data and recommendations. This provides clear alignment and enhances accountability for team members to deliver on planned activities.​

The effective use of Data and AI is a key source of business competitive advantage. Companies that do not adopt Data and AI will be increasingly left behind by those that do. It’s better to be at the front of the curve than try to play catch-up.​

Why Choose Us?

Our teams bring a unique combination of commercial and technical expertise to every client engagement. This allows us to act with the speed and quality of a traditional consulting firm to identify commercial priorities, but also build and develop the execution tools using the latest data and technology approaches to deliver and institutionalize value.

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