Operating Partners Forum.

NEW YORK 2023.

17 - 18 October 2023
Downtown Convene, 225 Liberty St, New York

Harnessing Data Assets to Drive Valuations at Exit​

Anush Newman
Managing Director, JMAN Group
Curt Witte
Partner, Bregal Sagemount
Gerard Ashmore
Senior Vice President - Reporting and Insights, Grain Management
Sajjad Jaffer
Head of Data, Analytics and Machine Learning, GrowthCurve Capital
Greg Kegeles
Operating Partner, Digital Transformation, Newlight Partners

Harnessing Data Assets to Drive Valuations at Exit

  • Understand how you should use data analytics and reporting during exit preparation to maximize return.
  • Realize the importance of having robust and granular data during equity story development and diligence.
  • Gain clarity on how to showcase a better data-driven management team and a data-enabled business.
  • Advance the impact of earlier stage best data practices on the equity story and exit phase.

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Anush Newman
E: anushnewman@jmangroup.com
M: +447815900227

Richard Cripps
E: richardcripps@jmangroup.com
M: +19172264238

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