Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Championing equity and diversity in all its forms

Our dedication to equity and diversity extends beyond just words – we take action to foster an environment of inclusion and respect across our team. Our initiatives and training programs are designed to promote a sense of belonging and support for everyone, regardless of their gender, race, beliefs or background.

With a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination of any kind, we won’t hesitate to address and eliminate any instances of non-inclusive behavior. We stand firm in our belief that diversity and inclusion make us stronger as an organization and we will continue to build on these principles to create a better, more equitable workplace for all. Our dedication to promoting gender equity is not just a statement – it is a commitment to action and change.

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Anti-Bullying and Discrimination

We want to ensure everyone at JMAN, regardless of role or length of service, is treated with dignity and respect, free from harassment and bullying. This is non-negotiable for us.

Anti-Bias and Anti-Racism Training

Is an integral part of our onboarding process and we run refresher workshops annually to ensure ongoing commitment and awareness.

Conscious Inclusion Training

We run annual training sessions to ensure staff feel included, heard, valued and supported. This training is also aimed at ensuring everyone understands how they can make a difference by including others. Through ongoing feedback from the team, we continuously evolve our working environment to celebrate our differences and values.


Celebrating and supporting our LGBTQIA+ community isn’t just something we want to do during one month of the year. Instead, working with our LGBTQIA+ representatives, we often review our policies and working environment to ensure everyone feels cared for and respected.


We know that in many industries, diversity in senior leadership is severely lacking and the need to strengthen this is crucial. JWomen provides a platform for our female team, at all stages in their career, to connect, engage, and collaborate on ideas to help drive their personal and professional development – as well as that of others. Part of the support includes providing mentoring, resources, sponsorship and events where guest speakers are invited to share their knowledge and experiences.

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