Create Engage Podcast with Anush Newman and Nick Synnott

Guest Speakers

Anush Newman

Founder and CEO, JMAN Group

Nick Synnott

Director, Create Engage

The broken Excel sheet that led to the creation of JMAN.

Our very own CEO, Anush Newman appeared on the Create Engage podcast with Nick Synnott to talk about his journey from consultant to co-founder of JMAN, a global commercial data partner that specializes in maximizing value creation activities for private equity funds and their portfolio companies.

Founded in 2010, JMAN has a global footprint with offices in New York, London and Chennai with a team of nearly 300 consultants and is recognized as one of the Times ‘Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies’ with an annual growth rate of over 80%.

Anush’s story makes for a fascinating listen. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a fellow consultant, or simply someone eager to learn from real-life experiences, this episode is packed with invaluable insights.

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