Women in Data® Safety Hackathon

JMAN Group digs into the data to protect women and girls at the Women in Data® Safety Hackathon.

On 7 March 2024 JMAN will participate in the Women in Data® Hackathon at the O2 Intercontinental in London. The “Women’s Safety Hackathon” takes place during the prestigious Women in Data® flagship event.

The Hackathon squads are tasked with using sophisticated analytical and AI techniques to explore and understand the findings of the ‘Hidden Reality’ nationwide survey conducted from September to October 2023 by Women in Data®, the first research in the UK to quantify and understand the societal, personal and economic impact of violence against women and girls.

The JMAN squad along with 400 women in data and tech will analyse the survey, uncover new insights and deliver recommendations for inclusion in a report to help legislators, organisations and survivor groups make data-led decisions that can affect change.

A BIG thank you to our squad – Yun Ma, Natasha Mabon, Sophie Rivaz, Zoe Fitton, Ruth Keppeler, Liz Goetz, Racha Bia and Katherine Midwinter.

Click here to find out more about Women in Data® – https://womenindata.co.uk/

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