JMAN Group is comprised of three businesses that operate independently but collaborate as appropriate to deliver the best possible results for clients.

Business Consulting & Advisory

Thrive on Complexity, Create Simplicity, Drive Results

JMAN Group is a management consultancy with international reach that specialises in driving results to complex business problems by delivering simple solutions. The company is led by consultants from top-tier firms who believe that for both our advisory and data analytics, the results we achieve are only deliverable through the close personal attention of those who pitch the project to the client.

Big Analytics

Enabling you to analyse hundreds of gigabytes of data to generate powerful insights

Aurum Info Solutions gives you the power to work with all your data removing the need to extrapolate from samples of data. We bring together IT engineering and management consultancy expertise to enable you to mine data files of almost any size. Aurum Info Solutions can simply process data or we can work with JMAN Consulting to define the parameters of the project and / or generate insights from the files.

Outsourced Admin

Freeing up your time to do more important things

Imitor Graphica is a cost effective way to create professional looking presentations, get CVs reformatted, get reports into housestyle and consolidate large volumes of data. Our local account managers oversee a detail focused team that works with our in-house graphic designers consistently deliver professional results cost effectively.