What do you learn in one year at JMAN Group?

Before joining JMAN Group, Mina was studying for her Master’s in Applied Biosciences at Imperial College London. She’s now been with us for 18 months and has recently been promoted to Senior Associate Consultant, following her successes on a number of complex projects building MI applications for customers in the retail and industrial sectors.

Mina talks to us about the opportunities and training she’s had during her first year at JMAN Group and why she loves being part of a fast-growing, high-performance team.

I love being part of an exciting high-growth company because, as a relatively small team, we can each impact the strategic direction the business takes.

Experience A Wide Range Of Industries

Firstly, my biggest learning since joining the company has been how to quickly get to the bottom of how a company operates and the various factors that could affect its performance.

On average, a JMAN project is 4-8 weeks long so in just my first year I have been able to work with a range of clients and their management teams across the insurance, technology, retail, and industrial sectors. JMAN has taught me how to understand their current capabilities, strategic objectives, and the potential solutions that can help them achieve their goals.

What I like is that we don’t just recommend solutions, but actually deliver the tools, systems, or processes that can solve the client problem… utilising our wide technical toolset.

Build A Technical Arsenal

So, secondly, in your first year at JMAN you develop a technical arsenal, from cloud databasing, to data manipulation, to data visualisation, that you can deploy and tailor to the strategic problem at hand.

Regardless of your background or experience, you’ll learn to code in languages such as Python and SQL and to use market-leading data tools like Alteryx, Power BI, Knime, Tableau – the list continues to grow! In a market where businesses are increasingly relying on data to support decision-making, the ability to use these tools is becoming ever more important and I already feel it’s been a huge advantage for me to have built these skills so early in my career.

Grow A Business

Thirdly, we are a super exciting high-growth company, and as a relatively small team we can each impact the strategic direction the business takes.

Our common goal is to grow a world class business that we are proud of, and that comes from setting high standards for the team and pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible.

From day 1 at JMAN, you take responsibility for driving forward an internal area that you’re interested in or passionate about. I’m building a strategy to diversify our recruitment!

Others in my cohort have defined JMAN’s sustainability objectives and built a brand new JMAN website.

Thrive In A High Performance Team

Finally, what I enjoy most about my day-to-day life at JMAN is that I’m surrounded by talented, ambitious and well-rounded people from a range of backgrounds, whether that be other university graduates, ex-military personnel or professional sportsmen.

I love working together in small, high-performance teams where everyone is working towards a common goal and brings something different to the table. Oh, and the social life at JMAN isn’t bad either!

If my experience after a year at JMAN Group appeals to you and you’re willing to learn new skills and help us to grow a world class business, you can apply via our website or reach out to me or any other members of our team directly to find out more or apply via our Careers page.